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  • Summary: The game is a runner-platformer hybrid. In the core, you control a character who always goes forward and there are obstacles in front of him. That's it. Simple and fun. Well if challenging is fun for you, that is.

  • Features; Our 2 person dev team decided to create a game that can be played both on your phone and computer and be fun on both of them(phone versions will come soon). The game includes: A variety of obstacles for you to overcome including: sawmills, electrical fences, metal presses, springs that lead into death traps and flamethrowers. 16 hand-made levels each minimum of 8 minutes play time split into four sections, a total minimum play time of 128 minutes of nail-biting fun.  The game is very challenging, but there are checkpoints at 4 places on every level, as to not let you give up.  Did we mention that also the game features an awesome synthwave style soundtrack? Yea, enjoy listening to groovy electronic music while trying to destroy your keyboard.
  • You can also buy the soundtrack along with the game for just 2$, bear in mind that each individual song costs 1€ to buy and together they cost 6.3€, so it will be a steal for some of you.

  • Notes to users: We are just starting developing games and we are very excited about this one, we are preparing a Linux distribution at the moment and at later time an Android one. So if you don't wanna waste that one dollar, but still wanna play, you can wait for the free Android version later
  • IMPORTANT: Linux build uploaded 8:30 @ 25.07.2017
  • tested and working on Debian 64bits, further testing in progress

And remember: DON'T SLACK!

Listen to the soundtrack here:



Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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